Cars Portion Blog Revving Up for an Exciting 2023: Trans Am Series Announces Seven-Round Calendar

Revving Up for an Exciting 2023: Trans Am Series Announces Seven-Round Calendar

Revving Up for an Exciting 2023: Trans Am Series Announces Seven-Round Calendar

Trans Am

The world of motorsport is no stranger to excitement and adrenaline, and for fans of the Trans Am Series, 2023 promises to be an exceptional year. With the official announcement of the seven-round calendar for the Trans Am Series, enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling season filled with heart-pounding action on some of the most iconic tracks in North America. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s in store for Trans Am fans, the historic venues that will host the races, and the drivers and teams gearing up to compete for glory.

The Trans Am Series: A Brief Overview

Trans Am

Trans Am

Before delving into the 2023 calendar, let’s revisit what makes the Trans Am Series such an exhilarating motorsport event. Founded in 1966, the Trans Am Series has a rich history of showcasing high-performance muscle cars in intense, wheel-to-wheel racing. It has consistently provided fans with an unparalleled experience, combining the raw power of American muscle with the precision of road racing.

An Exciting Calendar Unveiled

The highlight of this announcement is undoubtedly the unveiling of the seven-round calendar for the 2023 Trans Am Series. This carefully crafted schedule ensures that fans across the continent have the opportunity to witness the action up close and personal. The selected tracks represent a blend of historic venues and modern circuits, providing a unique and diverse set of challenges for drivers.

Kicking Off in Style: Circuit of the Americas

The 2023 Trans Am Series will kick off in style at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. This state-of-the-art facility has quickly become a favorite among drivers and fans alike. Its challenging layout and stunning backdrop set the stage for a memorable opening race that promises to leave spectators on the edge of their seats.

A Return to Road America

Road America, located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, holds a special place in the hearts of Trans Am enthusiasts. Known for its picturesque setting and high-speed straights, this iconic track will host one of the crucial rounds of the 2023 season. Drivers will need both skill and courage to navigate the demanding four-mile circuit.

Mid-Season Thrills at Lime Rock Park

Moving into the heart of the season, the Trans Am Series will visit Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. This shorter, tighter track poses a unique challenge with its narrow confines and elevation changes. It often results in intense battles and is sure to keep fans entertained.

The Return to VIRginia International Raceway

VIRginia International Raceway (VIR) will witness a return of the Trans Am Series in 2023. This classic road course has a rich history of hosting Trans Am races, and drivers relish the opportunity to conquer its technical layout. Expect fierce competition and close racing on this historic track.

Watkins Glen: A Grand Finale

As the season progresses, anticipation will build for the grand finale at Watkins Glen International in New York. This legendary track is known for its fast, sweeping corners and challenging chicanes. It’s the perfect venue to determine the Trans Am Series champion, ensuring a thrilling conclusion to the season.

Trans Am Racing: A Platform for Excellence

Beyond the excitement of the races themselves, the Trans Am Series has long been a platform for showcasing driving talent and engineering excellence. The 2023 season will be no exception, as established veterans and rising stars compete for supremacy in some of the most iconic American muscle cars.

Manufacturer Rivalries

One of the unique aspects of the Trans Am Series is the fierce rivalries between manufacturers. Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and others all vie for supremacy, making the competition even more intense. These manufacturers not only provide the cars but also play a pivotal role in supporting the teams and drivers.

Teams and Drivers to Watch

As we anticipate the 2023 season, several teams and drivers stand out as ones to watch. Whether it’s a seasoned veteran aiming for another championship or a promising rookie eager to make their mark, the Trans Am Series attracts a diverse field of talent.

The Fans: The Heart and Soul of Trans Am

No discussion of the Trans Am Series would be complete without recognizing the passionate and dedicated fans who make each race weekend unforgettable. From camping in the infield to creating a sea of colors in the grandstands, Trans Am fans are a vital part of the series’ success.


The seven-round Trans Am Series calendar for 2023 promises to deliver a season filled with exhilarating racing action, iconic tracks, and unforgettable moments. From the Circuit of the Americas to Watkins Glen, each race weekend will be a testament to the enduring appeal of American muscle cars and road racing. As the drivers, teams, and fans come together, the Trans Am Series continues to be a celebration of speed, power, and the thrill of motorsport. Buckle up and get ready for a year of Trans Am excitement like no other.


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